What you can do right now to prepare to be an agent

Before earning your real estate license, you are likely focused on enrolling in a real estate school and studying for your state exam. While those are certainly important, there are a few things you should be doing to ensure you’re ready to succeed as soon as you are a licensed agent. Being well-prepared is key and there’s no reason why you cannot being your preparation today, even before you’re licensed.

Create Your Sphere of Influence List

The most important factor to your success as a real estate agent is getting your name in front of as many people as possible. Real estate is a game of numbers. The more people that know you are an agent, the more opportunities you will have to secure listings and get sales. Start making a list today of everyone that you know, even if they’re merely an acquaintance. Use this guide to help you begin brainstorming for people you know:

  1. Your family. Even if your family is all over the country, add them to the list. Referral income can be huge so everyone matters, regardless of their location.
  2. Your circle of friends. Your friends will be your biggest supporters when you’re a licensed real estate agent.
  3. Friends of Friends. This is an important group. Imagine you were throwing a party and you told your friends to invite their friends. Who in that group do you know that might come?
  4. Professional Contacts. Have you been using the same hair dresser, dentist or doctor long enough that she may know you by name? Add her (and possibly her staff) to your list!
  5. The parents of your children’s friends. You may not be friends with all of them but there is a high likelihood that they know you by name. Does your child play on a sports team, take dance lessons, or go to a daycare where you see the same adults routinely? It’s time to get to know them!

When you’re just beginning your list, set a goal to have 100 people on your sphere of influence list. That will build you a good foundation to begin. At this point, be sure to add every new person you meet to your sphere of influence list.

Read The Best Two Real Estate Books Available

It’s important to know that the real estate exam does not teach you to sell real estate! For the marketing side of things, you’re going to have to educate yourself. These two books tell you exactly what steps to take to get listings and sell real estate.

The Honest Real Estate Agent: A Training Guide For a Successful First Year and Beyond as a Real Estate Agent

The Honest Real Estate Agent is a must-read for any agent-to-be. This book fills in the details that real estate schools do not teach. You will learn methods of attracting new clients and securing listings and sales. The book is modern and focuses on strategies such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) instead of old techniques like cold calling.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About The Money… It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is phenomenal for new agents as it teaches you to “maximize one’s personal resources.” We all know people, have unique abilities and skills and this book will teach you how to put those traits to use to sell real estate.

Register For A Real Estate Course

Take our advice–stop thinking about a real estate license and start working towards getting a real estate license! Read our guide to getting a real estate license in your state. You will need to decide if you’d like to take a course in person or online. Either way, it is time to register and begin the fantastic journey towards being a licensed real estate agent!

13 Responses to “What you can do right now to prepare to be an agent”

  1. Kellisa Wright commented on January 28, 2015

    Hi I want to know how to obtain a license in Baltimore. I got a license to sale real estate in Atlanta, and now I living in Baltimore. I need a school that’s really close to downtown Baltimore.

  2. Pammie commented on March 27, 2015

    Does Maryland allow an individual to take online courses. If so, how can one determine if the course you select is one that has been approved by the Maryland Real Estate Commission?

  3. Kerry Kidder commented on June 14, 2016

    Where are the closest school(s) for real estate agent in Fairmont West Virginia?

  4. Arkerew Whasser commented on June 18, 2016

    kindly send me a list of institutions offering online courses preparatory to obtaining Maryland State Real Estate Licence. Thank you. Arkerew Whasser.

  5. Candace commented on June 28, 2016

    If I have took this course before, can I take the exam again or would I need to retake the entire course again?
    Do I have to have good credit to become an agent?

  6. pat cambron commented on August 9, 2016

    in Indiana must I get a brokers liscense before I can sell real estate?

  7. Rose Good commented on October 15, 2016

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I had prior 3 DUI’s between 3/203-8/2016. These were all misdemeanors. I am currently on a one-year unsupervised probation in Oklahoma but Baltimore, MD and West Hollywood, CA. I was also convicted of computer fraud in 2000 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    i am interested in getting a real estate license both in Maryland and California. I have an MBA and M.S. in Information Systems in an accredited school in the United States. i am an American citizen.

    What are my chances of getting a license after preparing for the license exam?

    I will appreciate your response.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Sincerely yours,

    Rose Good

  8. Gary DeGree Sr commented on October 28, 2016

    Hi, I’m a broker owner in the state of New Jersey and thinking about relocating to Bowie, MD.
    I want to obtain my Maryland Real Estate License. Is there a course online available? I don’t have the time to take for a classroom course in Maryland so online would work better for me. Please advise.

    Gary DeGree Sr.
    Broker Owner of
    1st DEGREE Realty, LLC
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  9. Ken commented on November 3, 2016

    I would like information on obtaining a real estate license in New Hampshire and Main. Can you please advise me on which license I should get first, and the process in getting it? Can you recommend an online class that will prepare me for the exam?

  10. Danielle commented on November 18, 2016

    Groupon has a real estate course they are offering right now through Mary Kay Jenny? How do I find out if this will fulfill TN Requirements? Can I take my 60 pre-license hours anywhere online or does it have to be TN approved?


  11. Karrie commented on January 25, 2017

    I am interested in getting my real estates license. It just as I read and read it’s all going in circles. I just want to make sure signing up for the 60 hour class is the first step.

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