How to Get an Arkansas Real Estate License

An Arkansas Real Estate License is essential to practice real estate in Arkansas. The Arkansas Real Estate Commission enforces the requirements for a license.

General Requirements for an Arkansas Real Estate License

  • 18 years or older
  • Successful completion of a state approved 60-hour real estate education course
  • Successfully pass the licensure examination
  • Submit an application within 90 days of passing the examination
  • Complete post-license education

Arkansas Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission has set forth the requirement that all real estate agents must complete 60 hours of real estate education. Of those 60 hours, 30 hours must be focused on the basic principles of real estate. Arkansas Real Estate License candidates can find a list of approved real estate schools on the Arkansas Real Estate Commission website. Some schools offer the convenient distance learning option for students who prefer online courses.

Take the Arkansas Real Estate Course Online

You can take the Arkansas Real Estate Prelicensing Course completely online and at your own pace. If you are considering getting your real estate license, this is the easiest means of meeting the educational requirements. You can even save 10% by entering coupon code “NEWAGENT” at checkout.

Applying to Take the Arkansas Real Estate Exam

There are several steps in becoming eligible to take the Arkansas Real Estate Exam. You may apply to take the exam before your 60-hour pre-licensing course is completed. However, you may not take the exam until your education is successfully completed.

The first step in earning your Certificate of Examination Eligibility is to complete the necessary items for your criminal background check. You must acquire a fingerprint card from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and then have your fingerprints taken by your local police. Your criminal history will be examined on state and federal levels.

The second step towards becoming eligible to take the exam is to complete the Arkansas real estate examination application. You must include:

  • Fingerprint card
  • Proof of your age (copy of your driver’s license or birth certificate)
  • Proof of your completed education (if applicable)
  • The $91.25 application fee

Once you have been approved to sit for the Arkansas Real Estate Exam, a Certificate of Examination Eligibility will be mailed to you. You need this certificate in order to make an exam reservation and you will need it on the day of the exam. To make the reservation, you may fill out and mail or fax in this online form or register online to take your real estate exam. You may also call (800) 274-2606 to register. You must pay the exam fee of $75 upon registration by credit card, debit card, voucher, or electronic check. Remember, if you miss your exam appointment your $75 will be forfeited.

Taking the Arkansas Salesperson Exam

You should arrive 30 minutes prior to your reserved time to allow for a smooth, easy check-in. Your identification will be checked and your photograph will be taken. In order to be admitted to the test you must bring two forms of identification and the Certificate of Examination Eligibility. One of your forms of ID must be government issued, bear your photograph and signature. The other ID must bear your signature (e.g. credit card).

Do not bring any personal items into the testing center other than your purse or wallet, identifications, and a personal hand-held calculator (nonprinting, battery operated, nonalphabetic). A secure area will be provided for you to store some belongings but you may not have access to them until you’ve completed your exam.

The first time you take the test you must take both the general and law portions at the same time. The 120-question test is administered via computer. You will have a tutorial prior to the beginning of the test regarding all of the commands and functions used to navigate the computer successfully. You will begin the test once you have determined that you are comfortable with the technology. You have four hours to complete the test once you have looked at the first question. The computer will automatically end the test once the allowed four hours has expired.

Upon completion of your exam, before you leave the test center you will be given a report of your score. All passing scores will be reported as a score of 70, regardless of whether or not the actual score is higher. A failing score will show the actual score earned along with some diagnostic information. Since the test questions vary in difficulty, each item is assigned a point value and the score reported is a scaled score, not a percentage. If you fail one section of the exam but pass the other, you may retake just the portion you failed. Reservations for retakes can be made 24 hours after you have taken the exam.

Obtaining Your Arkansas Real Estate License

Your passing score report from your examination will include information about procuring your license. Within 90 days of successfully completing your exam you must submit your score report, the $75 licensing fee, and a signed post-license requirement notice to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission.

Post-License Education

Once you have become a licensed real estate agent, in order to remain licensed you must complete 18 hours of classroom instruction within the first 12 months of your licensure. After the first year, each real estate agent must complete 6 hours of continuing education instruction each year.

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  1. Ashley Kottler commented on July 20, 2014

    I got my realestate license in 2005, and kept them for several years thru Crye-Leike. I let the
    Expire due to a divorce, now I would like to get them reinstated. Do I need to retake the realestate course? Or just retate the test?

    Thank you
    Ashley Kottler

    Was Ashley Garrett

    • Chris commented on October 28, 2014

      You will need to retake the course.

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