How to Get a Wyoming Real Estate License

A real estate sales license is a prerequisite to practicing real estate in Wyoming. You must meet all requirements and fulfill all necessary obligations before the Wyoming Real Estate Commission will issue your license.

General Requirements:

  • Complete 54-hour pre-licensing curriculum
  • Pass State and National exams
  • Obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Submit fingerprints for criminal and federal background checks

Education Requirements for a Wyoming Real Estate License

You must complete 54 hours of real estate pre-licensing education with one of the three pre-approved schools. Classes are offered online, in the classroom, or by distance learning through Steve Willoughby Seminars, Wyoming Real Estate Institute, and Pro Schools. The Commission maintains a calendar for course offerings.

Scheduling the Licensing Examination

Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) is a testing company employed by the Commission to administer real estate testing for Wyoming. AMP has multiple locations (, some in bordering states, which offer the Wyoming licensing exam. Although you may be a Wyoming resident, a location in another state may be more convenient for you to attend.

In order to schedule an exam you have three options: online (, by phone (800-345-6559), or by standard mail. Scheduling online or over the phone requires a credit card for the $140 examination fee due at the time of registration. When registering by standard mail you must enclose a cashierís check or money order and you will need to wait 7-10 days before actually scheduling your exam over the phone.

Taking the Wyoming Real Estate Examination

On the day of the examination you should arrive prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to test and you will forfeit the testing fee. You should be prepared with two forms of identification. Both forms of identification need to be current/valid and bear your name and signature. One ID must have you photograph. You will not be permitted to bring personal belongings into the testing room, including coats, hats, books, or cell phones. You may bring a non-programmable, silent, battery-operated calculator. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided for you.

The Wyoming Real Estate exam has two scored portions, State and National. The State portion contains 32 multiple-choice questions, 24 of which you must answer correctly in order to pass. These questions pertain to Wyoming-specific real estate policies and laws. The National portion consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, 70 of which you must answer correctly to obtain a passing score. The National questions regard standard real estate knowledge and procedures. When taking the exams together the questions will be intermixed and appear as one exam. Both portions may contain up to five sample questions for future tests; these questions appear as normal test questions but are not scored.

If you pass only one portion, you may retake the failed portion. However, test scores are only valid for a 90-day period so you must pass the second portion before the passing score expires.

Applying for a Wyoming Real Estate License

Once you have passed both portions of the licensing examination, you have 90 days to submit your real estate license application to the Commission. You will need to have your responsible broker complete a portion of your application. You must sign your completed application in the presence of a notary public. Once your application is approved, the Commission will issue your license and pocket card to your responsible broker. You may commence real estate sales as soon as your license is received.

You must include the following documentation and fee with your application:

  • $100 licensing fee and $39 background check fee
  • Original passing score report(s) from AMP
  • Completed fingerprint cards
  • Current close-up photograph (passport photo is acceptable)
  • Copies of completed education documentation
  • Copy of driverís license and Birth Certificate OR passport
  • Proof of Errors and Omissions Insurance

Fingerprinting Information

Your fingerprints must be submitted on fingerprint cards obtained from the Commission or your real estate education provider. You may want to request the fingerprint packet prior to taking the examination to allow yourself time for completion. You may have your fingerprints taken by a local law enforcement agency. Costs for fingerprinting services vary, so you should ask when scheduling your appointment.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance can be obtained from your preferred provider assuming the coverage meets Wyomingís minimum standards. Williams Underwriting Group is contracted by the Commission to provide coverage to Wyoming real estate licensees (

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19 Responses to “How to Get a Wyoming Real Estate License”

  1. Peggy commented on March 17, 2014

    Does wyoming recognize a Florida real estate license

    • Chris commented on March 17, 2014

      Unfortunately, no. According to the Wyoming Real Estate Commission, “Individuals must complete and pass the Wyoming Law portion of the Salesman I Course, all of Salesman II Course, and the State Exam”

  2. d mitchelll commented on May 30, 2015

    Can you a real estate licenses,if you have a old felony conviction?

    • Chris commented on June 3, 2015

      It really depends on what the real estate commission in Wyoming decides. You may want to give them a call to discuss the specifics.

  3. Reesie commented on June 1, 2015

    I understand the entire process as shown above, except for this:

    “Once you have passed both portions of the licensing examination, you have 90 days to submit your real estate license application to the Commission. You will need to have your responsible broker complete a portion of your application.”

    I am unclear on how to go about finding a responsible broker, and whether it needs to be done before you begin taking classes and the exam.


    • Becky commented on August 2, 2015

      Best thing is to look around and interview different offices. Some charge higher fees but offer you more, some charge lower flat fees and offer things you need. Find an office that fits you.

  4. Jody commented on June 18, 2015

    If someone has a degree in law from Texas, are there any classes in the Real Estate course that are waived?

    • Jody commented on June 18, 2015

      To be clear, this is to get a Wyoming Real Estate license, not a Texas one. The J.D. is from Baylor Law in Texas.

  5. Becky commented on August 2, 2015

    I currently have a Utah RE license, do I need to take all hours and tests? What is the cost for the schooling?

  6. Renae Hall commented on September 24, 2015

    I have a real estate license in AZ what do I need to get a WY license?

  7. Shay commented on January 21, 2016

    Is it legal to carry current lix’s and operate in two states at the same time?

  8. Lllian commented on February 21, 2016

    I was told that if I have a license in another state and in good standing, all I have to pass is Wyoming is a state portion of the test. What does that entail? just Wyoming state revised statutes and commission administrative laws or is there more involved in taking this test for out of state licensees. Also, how do I obtain a booklet or a sample test so I can prepare.
    In Nevada, E &O insurance is provided by the brokerage we are affiliated with or by Broker of record. From my understanding, In Wyoming licensees are responsible for providing their own E & O, not their broker. Is that correct.

  9. Steven commented on February 22, 2016

    what felonies bar someone from getting their license?

    • Chris commented on February 24, 2016

      That’s a great question and Wyoming’s real estate commission does not make it clear. The only mention of felonies from their documents state:

      “(d) An applicant who holds a prior felony conviction may be considered for certification twelve (12) months after all sentencing/parole/probation/requirements have been completed.”

      I would contact the Wyoming Real Estate Commission directly with your question regarding your specific felony.

  10. Kate commented on April 19, 2016

    I am needing to find out wether or not you are required to have a high school diploma/equivalency to obtain your real estate license in Wyoming. I am already scheduled to begin classes in a few weeks, however, as of yesterday have discovered that the GED I obtained years ago was through a fraudulent company, therefore my GED is nonexistent. Please know that when I chose to leave high school(3.8 GPA) it was due to, yes at 16, an abusive marriage. I was forced to leave school. I left that marriage over 2 years ago and am now nearly 30 and in a spot with my children that I am ready to start on the career path I’ve wanted since childhood. I just desperately need to know if I need to push my classes back and obtain my GED beforehand. Thank you for your time.

  11. Jeff Manier commented on April 29, 2016

    To what states does Wyoming offer real estate license reciprocity?

  12. Cathy commented on May 22, 2016

    I’m a licensed Broker in Indiana and want to obtain a Wyoming license in anticipation of a future move to Wyoming in the next couple of years.
    Will Wyoming accept my current E&O insurance prior to my actual move? I would not be practising in Wyoming until I move, but want the licensing requirements completed in case my timeline moves forward.

  13. Juan commented on October 24, 2016

    Must I be affiliated or sponsored by a RE firm to take the exam? Can I take the exam while living out of state with relocation to Wyoming occurring after the exam?

  14. Sheila commented on March 14, 2017

    I am licensed as an agent in Colorado which entails 162 hours. Wyoming requires 54 hours in order to take exam. What do I need to do in order to be licensed in WY as well ?

    Thanks so much,

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