How to Get a Pennsylvania Real Estate License

In order to practice real estate in Pennsylvania, you will need to acquire a Pennsylvania Real Estate license. These licenses are governed by the State Real Estate Commission.

General Requirements for a Pennsylvania Real Estate License

  • At least 18 years old
  • Hold a United States Social Security Number
  • Achieve a passing grade on each part of the salesperson’s licensing exam. (If applicant has been licensed in another state within 5 years, he/she only needs to pass the Pennsylvania portion of the exam)
  • Completion of a 60-hour real estate education course (equivalent to 4 credits) within 10 years of passing the licensing exam

Pennsylvania Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

All prospective real estate agents in the state of Pennsylvania must complete a 60-hour real estate education course or complete a bachelor’s degree or juris doctorate in real estate. A list of approved Pennsylvania Real Estate Schools is available online.

Take the Pennsylvania Real Estate Course Online

You can take the Pennsylvania Real Estate Prelicensing Course completely online and at your own pace. If you are considering getting your real estate license, this is the easiest means of meeting the educational requirements. You can even save 10% by entering coupon code “NEWAGENT” at checkout.

Applying to Take the Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam

Pennsylvania entrusts the exam administration to PSI licensure: certification (PSI). All exams are given on a computer at various testing sites around the state, check to locate the nearest testing center to you. In order to take the Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam, you must complete a PSI Registration Form and include the $56 examination fee. You must also submit one of the following documents:

  • The original Uniform Real Estate Transcript you receive upon completion of the 60-hour course.
  • A certified copy of your transcript from an approved out-of-state real estate school.
  • Certified copy of your transcript from a college or university showing your real estate education has been completed.
  • For candidates licensed in another state within the last 5 years: a Letter of Certification from the licensing state, which includes documentation of 60-hours of real estate education. This must be dated within 90 days of the date you are applying to take the exam.

Once your application and documents are submitted, a confirmation notice will be mailed to you. Following the directions on the confirmation, you may make an appointment to complete the exam. First time registrants should allow 2 weeks for processing of the application.

Taking the Salesperson Exam

You must take the exam at a PSI testing site. You should arrive 30 minutes early to check-in; if you are late for you appointment you will be counted as absent and forfeit your registration fees. You may not bring personal items into the test center, but you are permitted to bring a basic calculator (numeric only). The test is computer-based and easy to navigate. Thorough instructions are given before the exam begins and sample questions are provided to allow you to practice using the keyboard commands.

You need to pass two portions of the exam in order to be eligible for a license. The state portion is 30 questions and you have one hour to complete it. The national portion is 80 questions and you have four hours to complete it.

Obtaining a Pennsylvania Real Estate License

Once you have passed both portions of the exam (within 3 years of passing the first portion), you may apply for your license. You must submit your completed application no more than 3 years from the date you passed the first portion in order for your scores to be considered valid. Along with the completed application, you must submit:

  • Application fee (check the application for the current cost)
  • Completed state police criminal record check
  • Copies of your educational transcripts detailing your completion of the required education
  • Copies of your PSI report showing your passing score

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