How to Get a New Mexico Real Estate License

In the state of New Mexico you can earn an associate broker license by meeting certain criteria and completing the required educational curriculum. New Mexico’s real estate licenses are governed and enforced by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission (NMREC).

General Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Completion of 90 hours of pre-licensing education
  • Legal resident of the United States

Education Requirement for New Mexico Associate Broker License

One of the prerequisites to obtaining your Associate Broker License is to complete 90 hours of real estate classes in the following manner: 30 hours in Real Estate Principles and Practice, 30 hours in Real Estate Law, and 30 hours in Broker Basics. Complete lists of preapproved courses and educational providers can be found on the NREC website. You will need the School Certification as proof of your completion in order to register for the licensing examination.

Registering For and Scheduling the New Mexico Associate Broker Licensing Examination

The first step towards taking the licensing examination is to register with PSI, the testing company employed to administer the test. You must fill out the registration form and submit it along with your School Certification and the $95 testing fee. The testing fee can be paid via VISA, MasterCard, money order, or cashier’s check. You must submit your registration within three years of completing the pre-licensing education.

Once PSI approves your registration you will receive an Eligibility Postcard in the mail. You may choose to take the exam as a ìwalk-inî but you will run the risk of not being admitted on account of all the testing slots being filled. In order to insure that you will be admitted to the test, the best thing to do is make a testing appointment. You can register online or over the phone (800-733-9267). PSI has multiple locations throughout the state and conveniently in Texas and Colorado.

Taking the New Mexico Associate Broker Licensing Examination

It is advised that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to allow for the check-in process. The testing center staff will check your required identification and acquaint you with the testing process. Your two identifications must be valid and bear your name and signature; one of them must be government issued and bear your photograph as well. The test will be given on a computer. You will be given a short tutorial regarding how to use the computer and some time to practice. Your testing time will not begin until you are comfortable with the computer and choose to begin.

The test is broken up into two parts, national and state. The first time you take the test you will be taking both sections together with the questions intermixed. The national portion consists of 80 questions regarding the everyday knowledge needed in real estate. The state portion asks 50 questions pertaining to New Mexico’s specific laws and policies.

Once you have submitted your answers, “pass” or “fail” will appear on your computer screen. You must attain a 75% in order to pass both sections of the exam. If you fail to pass one section, you may retake that section alone at an additional cost of $95. You must pass both sections within 90 days of each other. The testing center will print out a full score report for you upon check out.

Applying for a New Mexico Real Estate License

After you have passed the examination the next step towards licensure is completing and submitting the application. Several documents and various signatures are required with the application. Applications and specific instructions can be found at the end of the Candidate Bulletin.

You will need to include the original certificate documenting that you have completed the 90 hours of coursework, your examination score report, your Fingerprint Certification, and the $270 application fee. You will also need two property owners to sign their names attesting to your good character and moral reputation. These people must own property in the county of which you reside or your place of business.


You are required to submit your fingerprints, taken by a law enforcement agency or approved vendor, to the Department of Safety and submit a completed Fingerprint Certification to the Commission with your application. The Commission will not issue your license until a complete state and federal background check has been completed.

You can obtain two fingerprint cards from the Commission along with the Fingerprint Certification form. Have your fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency or fingerprinting vendor and be sure to have them complete the Fingerprint Certification form. Mail your fingerprints to the New Mexico Department of Safety along with a check or money order for $44. Include the Fingerprint Certification form with your licensing application.

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3 Responses to “How to Get a New Mexico Real Estate License”

  1. John Patrick Quinn commented on September 6, 2015

    I am considering a move to New Mexico and have enrolled in a Texas real estate course. If I become licensed in Texas what will I have to do to become licensed in New Mexico? Many thanks!

    • Chris commented on September 7, 2015

      Unfortunately, New Mexico only offers reciprocity with four states–Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma and Wyoming. If only they offered Texas, you’d be all set and could just apply in New Mexico and likely take a portion of the exam there. Unfortunately, you will have to complete the full pre-licensing course in New Mexico.

  2. Salomon martin rivera commented on August 3, 2016

    currently licensed in california
    I will need one course
    new mexici real estate law
    to take exam and become a qualified broker
    where can I take the one mandatory course?

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