How to Get a New Jersey Real Estate License

To facilitate real estate transactions in New, you will need to have a New Jersey Real Estate License. These licenses are governed by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, a division of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance.

General Requirements for a New Jersey Real Estate License

  • Applicants must demonstrate good character, trustworthiness, integrity, and honesty.
  • Minimum of 18 years old.
  • High school education (or equivalency).
  • Completion of a 75-hour prelicensure course with a licensed real estate school.
  • Satisfactory passing score on the license exam.
  • Completion of license application through a sponsoring real estate broker.

Note: New Jersey does not hold license reciprocity with other states. Therefore, if you hold a real estate license in a different state, you will still need to complete the real estate license steps detailed here to receive a New Jersey Real Estate License.

New Jersey Real Estate Pre-licensure Course

In order to begin the journey of becoming a licensed New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson, the first step is to complete the 75-hour prelicensure course. You may take this course online or in a classroom.

The prelicensure course covers all of the material you will need to know in order to pass the NJ Real Estate Salesperson – Combo Exam and acquire your license. For specific information on what is included on the exam, you may read the PSI Services Candidate Information Bulletin.

Registering to Take the New Jersey Real Estate Exam

The real estate school will submit your eligibility to sit for the salesperson exam upon your completion of the 75-hour course. Candidates must first complete the required 75-hour prelicensure course BEFORE contacting PSI Services (PSI) to make a testing appointment. You must complete the exam with a passing score within one year of becoming eligible. Your application for licensure must also be submitted within one year.

In order to register, candidates must contact PSI by phone at (800) 733-9267 or register online. When calling to register, it is helpful to have a registration form on hand in order to ensure you have all the information necessary. Registration forms for the New Jersey Real Estate Exam can be downloaded in advance. You can also submit a registration form via fax or standard mail.

The fee for the NJ Real Estate Salesperson – Combo Exam, due upon registration, is $47. There is no discount if you are retaking the exam.

Taking the Salesperson Exam in New Jersey

The NJ Real Estate Salesperson – Combo Exam is given through PSI Services and is computer-based only.

You must bring two forms of identification in order to be admitted to the test. One ID must be state-issued and include a photo and signature. The second ID must include your signature and preprinted legal name. Both forms of identification must match the name on the registration form.

New Jersey real estate exam takers are allowed 240 minutes (4 hours) to complete the 110 question exam. A score of 70% is required to pass (77 questions must be answered correctly).

No personal items are allowed to enter the testing centers; leave your cell phone, pager, cameras, and recording devices at home or in your car. You may bring a calculator that is silent, battery-operated, non-programmable, and alphabet/keyboard free.

PSI asks that test takers not have guests loitering in or around the building during testing. Also, they note that arriving 30 minutes before the scheduled real estate exam will allow ample time for check-in.

Obtaining a New Jersey Real Estate License

After completing the 75-hour required prelicensure course and passing the exam, you must be fingerprinted and meet with your employing broker. Finally, the following documents must be simultaneously submitted to the Licensing Services Bureau, Real Estate:

  • Original PSI passing score report completed, signed, and dated by the employing broker.
  • A completed Sagem-Morpho Universal Form (available on-line at and the Sagem- Morpho receipt provided upon completion of the fingerprint process.
  • $160 fee payable by certified or cashier’s check, money order, or broker’s business account check made out to the State Treasurer of New Jersey. (Personal checks are not accepted.)

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