How to Get a Minnesota Real Estate License

Becoming a real estate salesperson in the state of Minnesota is a multi-step process involving educational requirements, passing a state examination, and applying to the Minnesota Real Estate Commission. Licenses are granted to candidates who meet the criterion outlined in this article.

General Requirements:

  • 90 hours of pre-licensing real estate education
  • Passing score on licensing examination
  • Affiliation with a licensed broker

Educational Requirements for a Minnesota Real Estate License

All real estate salesperson candidates must complete 90 hours of pre-licensing education. The courses must be taken with an approved provider. The curriculum is broken down into three courses (I, II, and III). You will qualify to take the licensing examination after completing Course I, but you may not apply for a license until courses II and III are completed. You only have one year from the date you pass the examination to complete the last two courses.

Registering and Scheduling the Minnesota Real Estate Examination

The Minnesota Real Estate licensing examination is administered by PSI, a testing company. You must register for your examination and make your appointment through PSI. You may do this four ways: online (, over the phone (800-733-9267), fax, or standard mail. The advantage to registering online and over the phone is that there is no waiting between registering and scheduling. If registering through fax or standard mail, there is a waiting period before you may schedule your appointment. Scheduling online, over the phone, or through fax requires a VISA or MasterCard for the $75 testing fee. If registering through standard mail, you will need a cashierĂ­s check or money order. The registration form can be found at the end of the Candidate Bulletin.

Taking the Minnesota Real Estate License Examination

You should arrive to the testing center 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. The testing staff will use this time to verify your identifications and acquaint you with the testing process. Arriving late will result in disqualification from the examination that day and forfeiture of the testing fees. Your two forms of identification must have your name and signature; one ID must be government issued and bear your photograph. In order to be admitted to the test, you must also bring proof of your completed education requirements.

The test will be administered via computer. You will not need any computer or typing skills in order to operate the computer or navigate the test.

The examination is divided into two portions: State and National. Both portions are multiple-choice; the questions will appear intermixed and not as separate sections. You must receive a score of 75% on both portions to apply for a real estate license. If you do not receive a passing score, you may retake the failed portion alone. The State portion is 40 questions pertaining to Minnesota laws and policies. The National portion is 80 questions regarding general real estate knowledge. You will have four hours to complete the entire examination.

Applying for a Minnesota Real Estate License

Once you have successfully passed both portions of the exam and completed all three course requirements, you may apply for a license. You must have a sponsoring broker in order to apply and you must pay the $135 licensing fee due at the time of application. You may apply online.

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