How to Get a Maryland Real Estate License

The first step to becoming a licensed real estate agent in the State of Maryland is to obtain a real estate salesperson license. In Maryland, these licenses are controlled by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Requirements for a Maryland Real Estate License

The State of Maryland has general and educational requirements for those applying for a salesperson license.

General Requirements

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Be of good character and reputation. Prior offenses may hinder attempts to obtain a license.
  • Obtain from a licensed real estate broker a committment that the licensee will become affiliated with that brokerage upon completion.

Educational Requirements

  • Successfully complete a basic, 60 hour real estate course approved by the Commission.
  • Pass the state’s examination.

Applying for a Maryland Real Estate License

The first step in obtaining a Maryland Real Estate Salesperson license is to attend a 60 hour pre-licensing course. The course will teach you the topics that you will be tested on during the state exam. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation provides a list of approved education providers on their website. You will want to choose a provider that has a “Y” listed in the “Prelic” column of the table.

You will need to apply with the state to obtain a real estate salesperson license. The current fee for new licensees is $110. You will need to contact the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation to get a Registration Number to complete your application. The Department can be reached at (410) 230-6230, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. Once you’ve obtained your registration number, you can complete your application online through the Department’s website.

Maryland Real Estate License Exam

The real estate license exam consists of two parts–a national and a state portion. Both sections must be passed with at least 70% of the questions correct. If you only pass one section, you will not have to pass it again for up to a year. You will only need to pass the section that you did not successfully complete on your next attempt.

Testing is conducted by PSI Examination Services. PSI has locations in Baltimore, College Park, Crofton, Hagerstown, Lanham and Salisbury. You will need to schedule an appointment with PSI to take your exam. The exam lasts two hours and is taken on a computer.

The fee for the exam is $66.00.

56 Responses to “How to Get a Maryland Real Estate License”

  1. Alex Petrone commented on August 21, 2014

    Can one become a licensed Real Estate Agent in State of Maryland, if his status with the state is “CNC” for back state income taxes?
    Regards, Alex Petrone

    • Chris commented on August 21, 2014

      That is a really good question and so specific that I don’t want to provide you with misinformation. You can call the Maryland Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing at (410) 230-6230 or email them at for the best answer.

  2. fidel cano commented on October 17, 2014

    I am currently licensed in Florida, however, my 19 old daughter is going to “LOYOLA UNIVERSITY” and my other 47 old lives in Mount Airy and I am considering to move to Maryland.

    I would like to get my license before I move and I don’t know what broker I would work with, once I take my exam and pass it, can my license go in VOLUNTARY INACTIVE?


    • Chris commented on October 28, 2014

      You can place your Florida license involuntarily inactive, yes.

  3. Josh Gundelach commented on April 9, 2015

    I’m interested and eager to become a licensed real estate agent for the state of Maryland. I’m looking at buying in the next six months and would look to represent myself.

    If you’re able to provide a step-by-step guide to attending the education courses, taking the test, getting sponsored, then what?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Kimberly commented on April 17, 2015

    I took a real estate class many many years ago and passed the class. I am re-interested in taking the exam. Is there a statue of limitations on how long after a class you can take the exam for your license?

    • Chris commented on April 20, 2015

      I believe it is two years although I very well could be mistaken. You can call the Maryland Real Estate Commission at (410) 230-6230 and they will be able to tell you.

  5. hanane commented on May 13, 2015

    I want to be a real estate MD ,but I don’t know where should I go for the 60 h training.
    can you please advise ?
    Thank you

    • Becky P commented on October 20, 2016

      I believe that was said on the previous page…

  6. Rodney McClinton commented on May 15, 2015

    I’m 19 years old and am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and I think real estate would be the career for me. What a the beat way to get my foot in the door?

  7. Danny commented on July 13, 2015

    Can one be a real estate agent in the state of Maryland with a felony?

    • Chris commented on September 10, 2015

      You need to apply and see what they say. It is up to the board to decide.

  8. everett edmond commented on July 29, 2015

    I need to know who teaches real estate classes in P.G County. I

    • Chris commented on September 10, 2015

      If I were you, I would take the course online. It’s at your own pace and very easy to read and take notes as you go.

      • Victor Onabolu commented on November 5, 2016

        Is there a website I could take the course from that way I do it at my own pace? Thanks

  9. Larry Greene commented on August 28, 2015

    I have a law degree and took real estate courses to include Real property Law, and Commercial Papers. do I still need to take the 60 hour Real Estate Course. I am not admitted to the BAR as yet. Might I just take the Real Estate Examination and apply for licensure?.

  10. Stephen commented on September 9, 2015

    Are Maryland licensed attorneys required to take the 60 hour course before sitting for the real estate agent exam?

  11. Joshua omotayo commented on September 9, 2015

    What are the procedures to become licensed realtor in maryland for someone who has all is degree in other country other than United state. To be precise I had Higher National Diploma in Estate management, MBA in financial management also an associate member of Chartered institute of management Accountant, all in Nigeria. I need all the details information and procedures please.
    Thank you all.

    • Chris commented on September 10, 2015

      You’d have to follow the step-by-step instructions above. You have a very impressive rèsumè but that won’t help you in obtaining your license.

  12. Lizeth commented on October 12, 2015

    I am a permanent US resident (green card holder). Do I need to be a US citizen to become a real state sales person in MD ?

  13. patrick commented on October 14, 2015

    I am working and going to school at the same time and basically the only time off I have is Sunday, are classes offered online or the test offered online or can I do the 60hrs class every Sunday. another question that I am little confused is do I need to get real state license before I get a realtor license.


  14. Taya commented on October 26, 2015

    What if you are a law student? Could a property law course statisfy?

  15. Lexi commented on November 16, 2015

    Do you have to be 18 in order to start your 60 hour course?

  16. Cyrus khalilzadeh commented on November 21, 2015

    Hi i need real state licence
    Plz you seaid me how ?

  17. Angie commented on December 5, 2015

    I am licensed in NC. What do I need to do to become licensed in MD? Is taking pre-licensing required?

  18. Cindy savoca commented on January 8, 2016

    How do I find the online classes?

  19. Hunter commented on January 23, 2016

    How long does the whole process typically take? In terms of months.

  20. Adrianna Duggan commented on February 11, 2016

    I’m a licensed Salesperson in Virginia. What do I need to do to get a MD Salesperson license?

  21. James Thomas commented on February 15, 2016

    Is there any restriction on an individual with a TIN# (vs a SS#) getting a real estate license?

  22. Mike commented on February 18, 2016

    can you take the MD RE pre-licensing class on line?

    • Chris commented on February 18, 2016

      Absolutely and I highly recommend that you do. It is very easy to study for and you can you study at your pace and at your schedule.

  23. Ed Rommel commented on March 14, 2016

    I have been a CPA for over forty years. Do I need to take the introductory course?

    • Chris commented on March 14, 2016

      You do, yes.

  24. David commented on April 5, 2016

    I am very interested in doing this. I have a prior misdemeanor arrest, charges were dismissed. Would this cause a problem?

  25. Olivia commented on April 12, 2016

    Hi, Is it true that you have to have a ss# to become an agent. I’m on the process to get one but I want to start working as an agent. Will this be an issue?I do have my license.

  26. Dametri Coleman commented on April 29, 2016

    I am interested in getting my real estate license in the state of MD. I have been working in the property management field for over 12 years. I would like some extra income and has always wanted to do real estate as well. Can you give me the overall total to work for a company yearly. This would include dues and annual fees.

  27. Henrietta Mack commented on May 13, 2016

    I currently have a realtors license in maryland, but would like to obtain brokers license without being active with real estate company. Is this something I can do?

    Etta M

  28. Sam commented on June 3, 2016

    I am a Canadian citizen having an SSN. I want to become a real estate salesperson in Maryland. I wonder whether I am allowed to get the real estate salesperson license in Maryland. Do I need a work permit in order to practice in Maryland? Thanks!

  29. Sarah commented on June 21, 2016

    Do I have to take the 60 hour course if I already know the material? Is it possible to just go and take the test?

  30. Katie commented on June 22, 2016

    I have taken and passed the Md exam, I am licensed in Va and would like to activate my MD license with my Va brokerage. What is a broker registration number and branch number?

  31. Susan commented on July 14, 2016

    Can the initial 60 hours be taken online? If so, any suggestions where?

  32. Alexia commented on July 18, 2016

    Any advice on choosing online classes? Any good ones?

  33. David Messina commented on August 7, 2016

    Do i need to have a GED or diploma to go for my realtor lic??

  34. Nick Hunter commented on October 10, 2016

    If you have a DC sales person license, can you waive into Maryland?

    Thank You,

  35. Milton commented on October 19, 2016

    Why do you have to work for a broker or be affiliated with a specific broker to get your license?

  36. Ivorie Jones commented on October 29, 2016

    I am interested in becoming licensed but have a criminal history! Is this possible for me to do?

  37. Toni L Nurse commented on November 2, 2016

    I have taken all the real estate class required for a TX real estate license. Will I be able to use those classes towards the MD license?

  38. Sonia commented on November 8, 2016

    Do I need to take an introductory, and then a pre licensing course? To get started?

  39. Trung vu commented on November 25, 2016

    I have my real estate licensed from florida , I want to obtain real licensed Maryland . How should I do ?
    I have to take exam two part ( national and portion state ) or only portion state

  40. Jim commented on February 20, 2017

    I just interviewed for a real estate job. They told me there was $800 fee for MLS. And a $400 fee to join the real estate board. Is this real or a scam? Thanks.

  41. Kelly commented on March 3, 2017

    I am a resident of Washington, DC. I am taking my Maryland RE Pre-licensing classes online Can I get a real estate license in Maryland and still live in Washington, DC? I was told by a friend that I could not and had to get a license in DC. Is this true?

  42. Laura commented on March 30, 2017

    Do you need a GED or High School Diploma in Maryland to get a real estate license?

  43. Phyllis Blum commented on April 2, 2017

    Many years ago I took the real estate course at Maryland University given by Lew Frew Platt and missed passing by one point. I am an active retiree that is very bored. I do have a problem testing and would like to pass the test. I will read the two articles you suggested and any other suggestions I would appreciate. I would not want to go to another very expensive school.
    Thank you,
    Phyllis Blum

  44. Gwendolyn campbell commented on April 25, 2017

    I am a jamaican visiting maryland for three (3) months can i apply to get a real estate licence as a visitor.

  45. Kyle commented on May 17, 2017


    So I take the accredited prep course and take the exam. Do I have to find a brokerage first or can that be step 3?

    If so will I be allowed to take the exam and if I pass it I’m just not awarded the license until I am affiliated?

    Thank you for your time.

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