How to Get A Hawaii Real Estate License

The Hawaii Real Estate Commission controls Hawaii’s real estate licenses. They set forth guidelines to determine eligibility for a license.

General Requirements for a Hawaii Real Estate License

  • 18 years old at the time of examination
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • United States Social Security Number
  • A reputation for moral judgment and competency
  • Completion of pre-licensing course
  • Passing score on licensing examination

Hawaii Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

The first step in becoming a real estate agent in the state of Hawaii is to complete a state-approved pre-licensing course. Classes are offered in the traditional classroom setting or online and are presented in the day or evening to fit your schedule.

You must complete the licensure exam within two years of completing the education requirement. Upon your completion of the course, you will be given a Hawaii School Completion Certificate that you need in order to be admitted to the exam.

Registering to Take the Hawaii Real Estate License Exam

The real estate exams are managed by PSI Services, LLC. You can register and schedule your exam online, by phone (800-733-9267), or by fax (702-932-2666); the $63 examination fee is payable by VISA or MasterCard and due upon registration. If you would like to mail your registration you must wait two weeks to schedule the exam and the $63 fee is only payable by cashier’s check or money order.

PSI offers testing sites throughout the state and a complete list of Hawaii Real Estate Exam locations can be online.

Taking the Hawaii Real Estate License Exam

The Hawaii Real Estate License Exam has two sections, uniform (general) and state. You must pass both sections within two years in order for your scores to remain valid.

You should arrive to the testing site 30 minutes early to allow for the check-in process. The testing staff will check your identification, education certificate, and give you testing information. You should not bring any personal items into the testing center with you. A non-programmable, battery-operated, non-printing, numeric-only calculator is permitted to assist you with math calculations. The testing center will provide you with scratch paper and pencils.

You are allowed 240 minutes to complete the 130-question test. The exam is given strictly on computer with a tutorial regarding key functions preceding the test. You may begin the test only after you are comfortable utilizing the computer.

If you do not pass one section on the exam, you will be able to retake just that section alone at a later date. You must pass both sections within two years of completing the education requirement.

Hawaii Real Estate Exam Scoring

In order to pass the salesperson exam, you must score a 70% or above. Your score will appear on the computer screen as soon as you submit your answers. An unofficial score report will be printed for you before you leave the testing center. If you successfully pass both sections you will be given an application for a license.

Obtaining a Hawaii Real Estate License

Once you have successfully fulfilled all of the requirements you may apply for a license. The application will be provided for you upon passing the exam. You must apply for your license within two years of passing the exam.

Several documents and payment must accompany your application. Current application fees can be found on your score report from the testing center. The original School Completion Certificate, proof of moral judgment, and any other documentation listed on the score report must be enclosed with the application. Proof of moral judgment may be provided through a background check.

Official Resources for the Hawaii Real Estate License

15 Responses to “How to Get A Hawaii Real Estate License”

  1. C. Thomas commented on January 18, 2014

    Can you please clarify or explain the requirement of “a reputation for moral judgment and competency” and “proof of moral judgment” and what you mean by this? How would this requirement treat a person who has done time for a DUI conviction? Would this be considered a “moral” issue? Thank you for your prompt response.


    • Chris commented on January 18, 2014

      There are a few things to consider here with a DUI conviction. I do believe that if it is a felony conviction, that would disqualify you from getting a Hawaii real estate license. However, I believe it would be possible with a misdemeanor. One other consideration is that a broker is going to require special car insurance and the rates will increase substantially with a DUI on your record.

      That being said, I’m not a lawyer or work for the real estate commission in Hawaii so your best course of action would be to give them a call at (808) 586-2643 with your specific question.

      Thanks for visiting our site!

      • C. Thomas commented on January 18, 2014

        Aloha Chris,
        Mahalo for your prompt response. I will follow up with the Real Estate Commission. Have a wonderful weekend.

        C. Thomas

        • Charise commented on April 16, 2014

          What did you find out?

  2. Susan Robertshaw commented on April 16, 2015

    I am a licensed realtor in Florida and will possibly be moving to Hawaii. Do I have to take the complete course?
    Is there a textbook available.

    • Chris commented on April 16, 2015

      You will have to take the full course in Hawaii since Hawaii does not offer reciprocity with Florida.

  3. Mel commented on April 17, 2015

    Does Hawaii offer resprosity with any states? I’m in California have been doing real estate for years but want to move back to the island. Would I have to start all over?

    • Chris commented on April 20, 2015

      Unfortunately, Hawaii does not offer reciprocity with any state! That means you will have to follow the steps to get your license as outlined above. The good news is, you’re a seasoned pro and won’t have any problems!

  4. Johnny commented on January 20, 2016

    When I was younger I had a misdemeanor for embezzlement of rental property for not returning a movie to a movie store. Would this hurt my chances for licensing in Hawaii?

  5. Paul Dunning commented on April 1, 2016

    I am going to be taking a real estate license class that ends May 6th, and would like to take my test as soon after that as possible. Where do I find the schedule showing test dates and locations?
    Thank you

  6. Tina commented on April 6, 2016

    Hi There
    I am a licensed REALTOR in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    I am thinking of moving to Hawaii with my husband.
    What exams am I supposed to take ?
    Sutton Group West Coast Realty

  7. Alwin Herbst commented on June 13, 2016

    if i take the real estate license class online I guess I will have to get an appointment to take the test in Hawaii.
    Can I schedule the test before finishing the online class?

  8. Jarrett Scott commented on February 9, 2017

    Do I have to be in Hawaii to take the exams or can that be done in Arizona or somewhere else?

  9. deep shrestha commented on February 18, 2017

    I passed my Hawaii real estate salesperson exam. How can I find a broker to work for. I have only heard of a few and not sure if they are expanding their team.
    Thank You

  10. Angela Turner commented on June 13, 2017

    I am a Real Estate Broker in Arizona and own my own Brokerage. I would like to obtain my Brokers license in Hawaii and possibly open an office there as well. As a Broker do I take the Broker licensing courses or do I need to obtain a Salesperson license in Hawaii first?

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