How to Get a Florida Real Estate License

In order to practice real estate in Florida, you will need to obtain a Florida Real Estate license. These licenses are governed by the Florida Division of Real Estate.

General Requirements for a Florida Real Estate License

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Must have a United States Social Security Number.
  • Must have a high school diploma (or equivalency).
  • Complete and pass a 63-hour Sales Associate pre-licensing course approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

Florida Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

The first step in becoming a licensed Florida Real Estate Salesperson is to complete and pass the 63-hour Sales Associate pre-licensing course. You can take this course either in a classroom or online at your own pace.

The 63-hour pre-license course covers a range of material and you must successfully complete the course before applying to take the state examination. At the end of the pre-license course, you will be required to take an exam to earn a Certificate of Completion. Once you have a signed certificate, you may apply to take the State exam.

Take the Florida Real Estate Course Online

You can take the Florida Real Estate Prelicensing Course completely online and at your own pace. If you are considering getting your real estate license, this is the easiest means of meeting the educational requirements. You can even save 10% by entering coupon code “NEWAGENT” at checkout.

Regardless of which online course you choose for your prelicensing requirement, consider purchasing a Florida Prelicensing Exam Study Guide to increase your chances of success. It is a small price to pay to ensure you pass your exam on the first try.

Applying to Take the Florida Real Estate Exam

You must apply with the State of Florida to take the real estate exam. Please note that this exam is in addition to the exam that you take to pass your pre licensing course. The fee to apply is $105 and the testing center also requires a fee (inquire with Pearson Vue for the current fee). You may actually apply to take the exam while in your pre licensing course! This will greatly speed up the process of becoming a licensed Florida real estate salesperson as you won’t have to wait for your application to be processed upon completing the course.

Before taking the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate exam, you will need to be fingerprinted. Local law enforcement agencies offer this service so call a police station nearby and find out when they offer fingerprinting.

Taking the Salesperson Exam

The real estate examination is given by Pearson Vue with testing centers located throughout the state. You can find a testing center by visiting their website or calling (888) 204-6230.

The state salesperson exam is multiple choice, with 4 possible answers. This test is given on a computer but you may bring pencils, scratch paper and a simple calculator (no alphabetic buttons). The computer allows you to mark a question for review or skip to other questions during the exam. There is also a summary screen that you can access at any point during the exam to see how many questions you have answered, how much time is remaining, and which questions you have skipped.

Test Scoring

The state examination consists of 100 questions and you need to correctly answer 75 questions to pass.

The test is graded immediately and you will receive either a “pass” or “fail” grade. If you pass the exam, the testing center will print a certificate but you will not see your score. If you fail the exam, you are able to reschedule and take the test again at a later date.

Obtaining a Florida Real Estate License

After successfully completing the 63-hour pre-licensing course and passing the state exam, the Florida Department of Real Estate will automatically issue your license to the address on your application. The license will be considered inactive at the time it is issued. Once you join a real estate brokerage, your broker can activate your license online through the Department of Real Estate website.

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